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Frequently Asked Questions

Less is more. It’s really about putting on a good moisturizer base first to make skin soft and supple. It’s a great first step before moisturizer to add a slight highlight to the cheekbones and eyes and reduce caking.

Nowadays there are great brands for very competitive prices. Expensive isn’t always the best.

When I put on sunscreen, I always put it on a freshly cleansed and moisturized face and let the product set to the skin before I apply any makeup. Nowadays, a lot of bases contain sunscreen, so it makes the application an all-in-one process. You can always reapply by patting it gently on your face so you don’t smudge any makeup. You have to be especially careful around the eye area.

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Petal Touch, a renowned name in Pune. Owing to the determination, hard work and excellent entrepreneurial skills, this venture came into existence in 2003 with its first exquisite salon, famed as Petal Touch. Since then the brand has successfully expanded its presence in Pune.